Books to Order


FloridaFruitbook.jpg Florida Fruit, Lewis & Betty Maxwell, 1991.
This picture book (black & white photos) is a guide to the selection of choice fresh fruit that grow well in Florida. It contains plant descriptions, salt and cold tolerances, fruiting times, cultural practices, propagation and more. It is one of our most commonly used reference books in the nursery. 119 pages, paperback.
FruitsofWarmClimates  Fruits of Warm Climates, Julia Frances Morton. This 505 page book is an exceptionally exhaustive source of information on tropical and subtropical fruits. It is a well-illustrated and very readable, practical guide for those interested in growing tropical and subtropical fruits either for the home garden or commercially. The fruits are grouped by family. Covered under each fruit are: description, origin and distribution, varieties, cultivation, climate, uses, pests and diseases, propagation and nutritional information.
Best of all, it can be viewed free online.
Five Decades Five Decades with Tropical Fruit –  A Personal Journey, Bill Whitman. A compilation of articles written by Bill Whitman for the Rare Fruit Council magazine. Also proceedings from early Rare Fruit Council meetings. Tends to be rather repetitive, but worth it for the great photos and information on little known fruits.
Know&Enjoy Know & Enjoy Tropical Fruit: Tropical Fruit & Nuts: a Cornucopia, Jim Darley, foundation chairman of the Townsville, Queensland, Australia branch of the Rare Fruit Council (1981). Enjoy tropical & rare fruit?  Common and Latin names are linked to pictures. Covers five groups of fruit with information on fruit usage and recipes. Site has excellent pictures for non-commercial use.

  • Bananas & Plantains
  • Casimiroa, Black Persimmon, & Mabolo
  • Durian & Mangosteens
  • Jackfruit, Breadfruit, & Relatives
  • Lychee, Rambutan, & Longan
PROSEA Edible Fruits and Nuts, (PROSEA – Plant Resources of South East Asia 2). Lots of information on all the Asian tropical fruits, including a lot of information on the lesser known fruits–information not found anywhere else. Difficult to obtain but worth it for the real fruit enthusiast.
ORTHO All About Citrus and Subtropical Fruits (Ortho’s All About Gardening series). This book is for the gardener who wants to grow citrus and discover the unusual world of subtropical fruits. Learn how to grow and enjoy over 50 varieties of citrus and 16 exotic fruits, with tips in cultivating these plants indoors in colder climates.
TropicalFruitTrees You Can Grow Tropical Fruit Trees, Robert H. Mohlenbrock . No citrus here, but lots of other fruits: mango, papaya, kumquat, avocado… In Florida there’s a cornucopia of ornamental, edible delights! Botanist Robert Mohlenbrock shows you how to grow them in your own backyard. Contains illustrations and instructions on how to grow, prune and fertilize these living treasures.