What do members of the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Rare Fruit Council International do?

Every organization is defined by its objectives, with its activities focused (hopefully) on the achievement of those objectives.

Our general meetings (in January, March, May, June, July, August, September, November) focus on learning about the plants we love and talking with people who share our passion.

Our Holiday Party in December provides the opportunity to enjoy a true holiday feast and visit with the friends we have developed in the club.

We celebrate citrus at the Florida State Fair in February, with a club rare fruit display and a fruit-tasting which allows the public to enjoy fruits (mostly citrus) they rarely get the opportunity to taste.

In recent years, our June general meeting has evolved into a fruit tasting, where members and guests “savor the flavor” of different types of mangoes and other “exotics.”

The club sponsors field trips to gardens and exotic plant nurseries around the state.

Individual members host tours of their extensive rare fruit “gardens” and are always available to answer questions for those who are less experienced in growing “exotics.”

The Tampa Bay Chapter of the Rare Fruit’s Council International is active in the Tampa Bay community and participates in USF Botanical Gardens Spring and Fall Plant Festivals (April and October) and the Florida State Fair (Citrus Celebration).

Our members speak about tropical fruit plants at special events and sell their home-grown exotic plants at local farmer’s markets—currently one in support of the James V. Haley Veteran’s Hospital in Tampa and the weekly farmer’s market in Temple Terrace.