Tampa Bay RFCI Plant Resource Files

Dragonfruit (Pitaya) Workshop (Zoom), Jonathan H Crane, Tropical Fruit Crop Specialist, UF-IFAS-Tropical Research and Education Center, January 20, 2021.


Jeff Wasielewski, Commercial Tropical FruitsIntroduction – background on the industry10 minutes
Daniel Carrillo, Entomologist-Tropical FruitsPitaya pests and beneficial insects25 minutes
Romina Gazis, Plant Pathologist/Dir. Plant Diagnostic ClinicAn overview of diseases affecting dragon fruit production15 minutes
Tiago de Paula Lelis, Plant Pathology PostdocStem and fruit canker of dragon fruit: management strategies15 minutes
Jonathan Crane, Tropical Fruit Crop SpecialistCultural practices and environmental factors that affect dragon fruit production20 minutes
Q&A 15 minutes

Approved pitaya pest control products